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The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water
– Sigmund Freud

A safe space curated just for you

We love to see you love yourself!

Grief, anger, sadness, fear, worry, hate, grudge, shame, despair, loneliness – is any of these bothering you? If yes, our seasoned, patient and empathetic mental health experts can help you alleviate it.

For too long, the world around us added to the stigma surrounding mental healthcare. We believe professional therapy can be one of the finest gifts you can give yourself. Whether you’re looking for that inner calm and peace or need to alleviate symptoms of acute mental illness, there is a safe space curated for you here.

The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water
– Sigmund Freud

Know your Therapist

I’m a passionate mental health practitioner providing ethical therapy to clients from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultural outlook. I use a holistic and eclectic approach to therapy including various schools of thought like Behaviorist, Humanistic and Cognitive.

I truly believe there is no single route to therapy. I value each of our client and aim to reflect their individual personality and needs through our therapy. In the process, I patiently and non-judgementally analyze and understand the problems they face and tailor high-quality sessions for everyone.

Why the name MindBodyAlly?

It all started with a robust life experience being a rare disease warrior right from birth which seeded a keen interest towards chronic health conditions, rare diseases and lifestyle disorders. The journey in the mental health field started 17 years back during my graduation.

Although my ambition was to become a doctor by profession as I was fascinated by the attention to detail of the surgeons and the intricacy with which they performed surgeries, the concepts of mental health and how it affects the physical health struck me which I was battling through my own rare disease condition.

Soon after I pursued Masters from the University of Calcutta despite all the odds, I completed a certification course in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) as I was sure I how impactful movements could be and how they can be a tool to express emotions. It’s also because dance has been my serious hobby and I have always appreciated it as an art form.

A little background behind my passion for Psychology

While I had been going through my coursework for DMT, I completed a dissertation on the impact of Movement Therapy on the people with asthma. While I assessed the emotional aspects of such people, I had also interviewed a lot of them. It helped me developed a sense of how the mind and body are interconnected.

Years later, after almost a decade of practice into multiple hospitals and MNCs, such as the Apollo Group, Fortis Hospitals, Recoup Rehabilitation Centre, Cloud Nine Hospitals and Nova IVI Fertility, I decided to venture on my own startup helping clients deal with their problems. Then is when I decided MindBodyAlly is the best form of message I can portray through my private practice that would encompass both my passion and expertise.

My areas of expertise

While I take care of holistic mental health for my clients, my salient areas of expertise include:

  • Rare diseases
  • Chronic diseases
  • Lifestyle disorders
  • Perinatal & postnatal mental health
  • Infertility
  • Stress management
  • Mood and anxiety disorders (Mild and Moderate levels)
  • Anger management
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual health

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    Client Feedback

    No Title

    February 26, 2024

    Last year had been very difficult for me. I realized something in me has shifted abruptly where I could not have a hold over my emotions. I needed help to get myself back up. Hence, I reached out to Madhumita, of whom I got introduced by a friend of mine. Madhumita held me through this phase of my life by listening to all of my issues very patiently. From the very first session that I had with her made me feel relieved because she made me I feel that I was in right hands. From then on I liked and looked forward to having these therapy sessions. Each of them were very insightful about myself or about some specific topics that we discussed. She gave me methods to understand what and why of the problems and how to deal with them. I am still connecting with her and striving to be better every day.


    No Title

    February 14, 2023

    I recently attended a chronic pain support group hosted by Soulup and facilitated by Madhumita.

    The biggest challenge while dealing with Chronic Pain isn’t the pain only, it is also the fact that people around you don’t understand it, which adds to the mental pain of the patient. Being a part of the Chronic Pain group made me realize that there are so many people with bigger problems than mine and yet they are living their life in a much better way. The facilitator, Madhumita herself was going through a pain flare-up, and yet she was there guiding us through the session. The biggest takeaway for me would be that I am not alone.

    The session gave me a different perspective to life.

    Participant of Chronic Pain Support group

    No Title

    February 14, 2023

    The sharing of experiences by each participant, the non-judging perspectives of them and the facilitator, makes one feel heard and gives a safe space to share what pain is and our failures in handling the pain and downs in life. Coping strategies were relevant and doable. I have made some progress but still a long way to go!

    Thank you, Madhumita, and SoulUp for this safe space.

    Chronic Pain support group Participant

    No Title

    February 14, 2023

    Enjoyed the session. Lots of topics were explored. Felt I got a better insight into my condition and how to deal with it. Enjoyed the end-of-session coping and relaxation techniques.


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    A Friend In Need

    Madhumita Bhattacharya

    I’m a seasoned mental health practitioner offering counselling and therapy services. I handle clients who need support with clinical mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders and general emotional wellbeing concerns like managing stress, self-improvement and anger management among many others.

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